Solar Consulting in Arlington Heights & Schaumburg, IL

TheGRID recognizes that your Family's and our employees' health and safety is paramount to our process. Practicing social distancing and required face coverings is what you can expect from TheGRID, if you're more comfortable with remote consultation we are more than happy to oblige. TheGRID has implemented safety standards to comply with CDC and state guidelines.

TheGrid solar consultant will walk you through a custom design and proposal to meet home's solar needs. TheGRID will have prepared the following before your scheduled consultation.

Shade analysis using 20 years of historical data
Create an initial custom design based of that data to determine how many panels and the location of the panels. Final customization is ultimately what looks best for you while maintaining maximum efficiently.

The completion of many of the initial steps for your solar project can be completed remotely.

Filing for permits from your municipality
Filing for interconnection via your electric utility
Filing for Net Metering with your electricity supplier
Filing for all state and federal rebates on your behalf.

Our team will discuss timelines and expectations as they tend to vary from municipality to the next. TheGRID team has experience in setting timelines to give you accurate expectations.