Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install a solar system?

There are a number of steps in the process, each with their own time table.
•Initial home assessment and consultation - within 5 days
•Permitting - 2 to 6 weeks
•Physical installation - 1 to 2 days
•Financing, incentive applications and utility connection - about 30 days

Once permits are approved, some services need homeowners to wait up to 2 more months to schedule installation. TheGRID delivers a streamlined process, so there is no more than 2 weeks after permit approval to your installation.

After my solar system is installed, am I independent of the grid?

No, your solar system is connected to the grid.
This allows you to continue pulling power from the grid at times the system isn't producing as much power as you're using. It also allows any excess power your system generates to be sent back to the grid. Where net metering is available, your surplus power is credited toward your electric bill. This is how it is possible to potentially eliminate your electric bill with solar power.

What are the benefits of installing a solar system on my home?

Solar systems provide a number of reliable long term benefits, including:
•Reduced electricity bills
•Providing control over rising utility rates
•Increased home value
•Reduced environmental footprint

There are also variable short term financial incentives, including:
•Solar Renewable Energy Credits
•Soalr Investment Tax Credits

Will my solar panels be covered by my homeowners insurance?

Solar panels are a considered a permanent part of the structure and should be covered under your insurance. However, we do recommend contacting your provider to notify them you installed a solar system in case it needs to be documented should there be the need for a claim in the future.

Can a solar battery backup system power my entire home during an outage?

Battery backup power is similar to emergency generator power in that it can power vital functions for your home, such as keeping the refrigerator running, on up to 4 designated circuits. We are certified to offer both Tesla and Generac battery systems that we will walk through to see what fits best for your needs.

Can I charge my electric car with my solar panels?

Yes! There are several benefits to adding an EV charging station to your home, and we offer them as an installation option when your solar system is being designed. See the Installation Options page to learn more.

Will a home EV charger work with my electric car?

Yes! We offer universally compatible Level 2 240V EV charging stations. We also offer options to address the special charging requirements of Tesla vehicles.

How do I know if it's the right time for me to go solar?

There are several reasons that make this the perfect time to go solar.
The price of solar panels has fallen quite a lot in the last few years, making it more affordable for the average homeowner. Additionally, there are current state and federal incentive programs that can save you up to 60% of the cost of your solar panel installation.

The federal incentives are short term, and scheduled to be phased out. The state incentives will decrease in value as more home solar systems join the solar credit market.