Solar System Financing in Arlington Heights, IL

Understanding the Illinois solar incentives and federal tax credits helps create a sound decision due to the fact when combined they cover about 60% of your purchase price of total installation. Now lets discover what best fits your household: purchase outright, finance or lease. Below we will cover all three to help educate you whether you talk to us or a competitor.

Financing the cost of a solar system is often the primary concern of homeowners interested in going solar.
TheGrid understands the importance of guiding homeowners through this step in the process, and your solar consultant helps make the process seamless. We also understand this is one of the most misunderstood areas of moving to solar and brings about a lot of questions that our consultant will help provide in full detail so you can start seeing the potential savings.


Pay the total cost of the system up front and you own the system seeing the most drastic savings immediately. Experience a non taxable increase in home value as a result as a result of adding renewable energy.


Lender financed at a low fixed cost usually on a 20 year term with no prepayment penalty and you own the system. Savings will be seen immediately as well. The fixed loan payments are lower than your current monthly fluctuating energy cost. This also avoids raising annual rates from your energy provider which average 8-13% a year sometimes higher. You remain in control of your predictable energy spend on a month by month and annual basis. TheGRID offers flexible payment options and a zero down option


This avenue is especially helpful for those of you who don't qualify for Federal tax credits but also want to take advantage of moving to solar and obtaining a fixed lower rate of energy cost.