Solar Panel Installation in Arlington Heights & Schaumburg, IL

Our certified solar experts will guide you through every step of the process to ensure your home's solar panel installation is straightforward and worry free.

Inspection by your city
Interconnection with utility company
Incentive Programs

The above will all be taken care of by our experts at TheGRID and is part of our No-Worry guarantee.

TheGRID has an exclusive solar panel installation partner, which benefits our customers in many ways:

Local Contractors
Expert workmanship
Worry-Free scheduling
NABCEP certified contractors

Now lets discuss Net Metering - Summer months provide ample sun to power your solar system, in winter months we don't have exposure to sun we experience in summer months. If you choose not to purchase an on site battery that will locally store your excess energy produced by your solar system, the extra energy will be delivered back to your utility provider in the form of credits to bridge the gap between time of less solar production. TheGRID will submit your home's solar system to your utility company's net metering program.

TheGRID will also submit your system for the SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) incentive program and we insure you receive that payment in a timely fashion.

Unlike many solar companies that have a 4-6 month wait for qualified solar installation, TheGRID can get your solar installed with in 90 days.

TheGRID solar systems include extensive warranty coverage, including:

10 year service warranty
20 year solar inverter warranty
25 year solar panel warranty